Fabricated Product

Fabricated Product

Aluminium Fabrication

We have cutting machine and 2 press machines.

Cutting length is about 50mm to 2000mm and tolerance is +1.0/-0.

These press machines can trim and punch aluminium profile.

Customer's end products :

Aluminium Anodizing

Anodized aluminium become better corrosion and wear resistance.

We can supply production length is 2000mm to 7000mm

We can support fabrication after anodizing.

Customer's end products :

Aluminium Extrusion

  • Aluminium extrusion profile(shape, tube and bar)
  • Aluminium fabricated items(for automotive, electrical items, industrial material and so on)

The extrusion process is able to make complex shapes that cannot be obtained by the other process.

We are able to supply 1000,3000,6000 general alloy series.

We can supply production length is 2000mm to 7000mm.

If you need more shorter production length, we can support by precision cutting.

Customer's end products :